If you have debts you cannot pay, you likely feel afraid every time you answer the phone or get the mail. Will this be the call or letter that states you’re getting sued, your bank account is frozen, or your wages are getting garnished? What will you do if that happens? How will you feed your family and handle your other daily obligations?

Don’t try to handle your debt management needs on your own. Ronald Shields Cook, Attorney at Law provides debt management services to people throughout the state of New York. Our debt settlement services can protect you from collection actions that include wage garnishment, so you can finally get out from under this crippling debt. Schedule a consultation, so we can go over the debts you have and come up with a strategy to negotiate with your creditors.

Are You a Good Candidate for Debt Settlement?

If you have unsecured debt that you cannot reasonably pay, you might be a good candidate for our debt settlement services. Unsecured debts refer to debts that aren’t attached to an asset. Examples of unsecured debts are credit cards, medical bills, private student loans, and cell phone bills. We have negotiated settlements that have reduced the interest and principal for countless accounts.

How the Process Works

If you’re interested in debt settlement, the process will begin with a consultation. Attorney Cook will look over your debt situation and explain the options. Mr. Cook is transparent every step of the way, so when you leave the consultation, you will have realistic expectations regarding the debt settlement.

Then, the attorney will get to work. He or she will reach out to your creditors to begin the negotiation process. He is an experienced negotiator and understands what is necessary to settle with creditors.

Once a settlement is obtained, he will go over the paperwork to ensure the creditor cannot come after you at a later date. Then, you will pay the settlement in full. In most cases, the settlement is for much less than what is actually owned.

Your creditor will update your credit report to show that the account has been settled. If your account is currently delinquent, this will help your credit score.

Get Out of Debt With Our Help

Living with debt is stressful and affects your quality of life. You are stressed out and nervous about what will happen next. Put your mind at ease by contacting Ronald Shields Cook, Attorney at Law to set up a consultation. We have daytime, evening, and weekend spots available, and we are ready to help you break free from debt.

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