Business Incorporation

Incorporation Lawyer

Incorporation is the process by which a business organization officially becomes a corporation. The significance of such an event is that the corporation is then recognized as a person under the law. Benefits include different tax treatment and different levels of liability. Different types of corporations include business (for-profit) corporations, non-profit corporations, private corporations, and professional corporations.

Different states have different requirements for incorporation. Believing you have met the requirements for incorporation is often insufficient, and may leave you exposed to liability you otherwise thought were exempt from. In essence, proper incorporation can be the deciding factor in leaving you exposed to millions in liability.

Corporate Attorney in New York

Having the proper legal counsel can ensure you meet all the requirements of incorporation, whether in New York or elsewhere. The law firm has years of experience in assisting businesses properly undertake the steps to incorporate. Contact the law firm today to seek counsel and ensure you have the right legal team assisting you every step of the way in your business’s incorporation.