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Suffolk County is hiring over 700 cops.
If you drive in Suffolk County, beware of the increase in police officers, that will be added to the police force soon. Suffolk County is set to dramatically boost its police ranks — including by potentially siphoning off cops from the NYPD. The county executive Steve Bellone announced he the hiring of 705 law enforcement personnel. “This is the largest one-year increase in law enforcement personnel in Suffolk County history,’’ Bellone. Starting pay for both NYPD and Suffolk cops is currently about $42,000 — but while city cops max out at $86,000 annually, the Long Island officers’ wages nearly double, to $155,600, after 11.5 years of service. The county will earmark 462 of the new police jobs for the Suffolk County Police Department. The new jobs come courtesy of federal emergency COVID-19 funds received under the American Rescue Plan. The county is using $71.3 million in ARP money to compensate for a loss of property tax revenues during the pandemic. Bellone said the infusion of new police officers will help maintain Suffolk’s status as one of the safest suburban counties in the country. Suffolk County is hiring over 700 cops.

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