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CLICK HERE if you are interested in electronically signing the petition discussed below.

(At this time, there are already over 25,000 signatures)

🟥 I have recently seen many recent international student graduates solicit their resumes aggressively because they will not be able to stay in the country much longer because their F1/OPT visa does not allow for more than 3 months of unemployment.

🟦 The current regulations limit the amount of time a student can be unemployed at any point while on OPT. The regulations state that a student may not accrue an aggregate of more than 90 days of unemployment during post completion of studies OPT.

🟪 There is a petition underway seeking electronic signatures, and a request will be sent to the USCIS authorities to relax the 90 days unemployment limit for F-1 visa students enough to allow the students seeking employment and the recruiters to reconvene normal business operations once the impact of the unfortunate Corona Virus outbreak is mitigated.

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